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Are you evolving, changing, or experiencing apprehension about the new normal?


Is living in the unknown triggering worry, anxiety or stress that is spiraling out of control?


Has a loss of a job, business or loved one knocked you into unfamiliar zones

of depression, anger or panic? 

.....then Dave's new book could be just what you need!

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Do you find that your self-talk, beliefs and a focus on the past is no longer allowing you to feel happy, optimistic, or positive?


Would you like to live your life in a deeper more meaningful and satisfying way?


All those years of taking care of business, chasing the external prize, or attending to the needs of others, NOW might be the time to reset, recalibrate and re-design your life from the inside out.

This book will give you the blueprint to evolve and change, with practical and proven approaches for you to reconnect to your intuition, inner voice,

and inspiring integrated self

Learn how to....

Embrace the fullness of life and develop the skills to learn useful lessons from bad experiences


Recognise the importance of stillness and the benefits of tranquility or quiet reflection


Apply the process of free-writing, journaling, structured and unstructured expressions


Transform negativity and negative self-talk into a positive and healthy inner voice 


Apply 'Shift Your Belief About Grief' to deal with loss, disappointment or death, in a timely and nurturing manner


Explore the importance of mental, physical and spiritual nutrition


Discover the new eyes approach to seeing, and the empathetic listening technique, to nurture deep and enriching relationships

In this book, you will learn to reflect, reset, and re-write the narrative for the rest of your physical life. You will rejoice in knowing you are the co-creator of your life and that you are free of the past. You can forgive and choose to honor yourself, expressing gratitude and appreciation for your life experience. 


Through forgiveness, gratitude, and honor, we discover the secret sauce of forgiving ourselves and others.  We acknowledge and reclaim our power to infinite possibilities and pure cosmic genius.  Letting go of blame, shame, and embarrassment, we free ourselves of self-sabotaging beliefs and attitudes and allow ourselves to age gracefully, grow continually, and let our divinity shine brightly. 


This book invites you to shine light, compassion, and empathy into fear, doubt, suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and physical and mental illness, with proven approaches, techniques, and strategies.


As you bring awareness and light into your life, you may find ways to shift your beliefs, and bring illumination, curiosity, and playfulness into your unique life experience. 

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Available now on Kindle

In Canada $4.94

In Australia $5.16

In US $3.69

In India 277r

In UK £2.83

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Also available on iBooks and other ebook platforms


With fresh eyes, the world begins to appear very different.


In Get 2020 Vision - Awesome Coaching Mental Wellness Edition, readers are invited

to change the way we look, see, feel, and experience our world, life and relationships.


Self-reflection, self-care, and self-kindness are introduced

to infuse a new approach to resetting, recalibrating, and re-designing the pathway

for the remaining years of your life. 

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When you 

'Get 2020 Vision'

.....you can.....

Experience peace and tranquility to activate vitality and a refreshingly new approach to wellness 

Explore new ways to learn, grow, and overcome fear, unhappiness or loneliness 

Engage in innovative, creative, and fun experiments to rebuild self-esteem and confidence

Reconnect to intuition to build faith and self-belief in yourself, to face current and future challenges

Build mindful coaching skills and find the best way to navigate communication breakdowns 

Exercise the power of conscious choice to heighten understanding of good stress and bad stress, and provide valuable distinctions to effectively deal with stress

Release past traumas and reset new boundaries to rediscover life with a clear and meaningful purpose

Establish kind connections with your inner self to find the best ways to cheat depression, suicide and self-harming thoughts

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